Lofty design

August, 2016


Essentia Environments gives this warehouse office a lofty look whilst maintaining its open and spacious feel.
When the client demanded an organised and well-connected workspace that elicited joyfulness, the designers at Essentia Environments knew they needed a design that made the office look spacious and airy. Since the site was located in a warehouse, both the clients and the designers agreed to create a space that reflected the aura of a loft space. Thus, came in the rustic finished laminates and the complementing colour scheme. The choice of accessories and décor elements was of an unfinished appearance and the full height glass walls were used to underscore the airy feel.

Nature at play
The double height foyer with a courtyard boasts a gigantic apple tree that changes the concept of nature-and-design interaction. With seating provided under this tree, the visitor experience is elevated to a different level. The main work area has a double height, which gives it a larger than life appearance. To amplify this impact, jute ropes have been used as dividers in keeping with the warehouse theme. Accessories such as an antique finished horse, mirrors and carefully selected art works add character to the space. Brightly coloured art, greenery courtesy the in-house planters, antique décor elements on the walls, table units and well-styled bathrooms further add drama to the space.

Defining the palette
Colours and materials go hand in hand in this office design. Deck wood in the courtyard, extensive use of rustic laminates, grey floorings in the bathrooms, black and grey carpets in the cubical area and brown leather in the conference room and in the Director´s space are highlights of the colour palette. Wooden packaging cartons are used as a coffee table. Walls adorned with antique finished horse faces and old-fangled frames add to the lofty look of the office.

The meeting spaces are planned at the ground floor on either side of the courtyard, which serves as a break out zone in between the meetings. The first floor is equipped with a pantry area for easy access to all the staff members.

Lighting effects
Essentia chose dim yellow lights in geometric shapes as the basic lighting. Ceiling lights are in the form of drawn pipes crawling over the roof as if they were part of it, with dim lit bulbs at the end. All pipes were finished in brown rustic finish. The hanging lights are organic in shape, finished in gloss and create a light mood. For the furniture, the designers chose leather to make it easy to maintain and also professional in appeal. All the desks are finished in rustic look veneer, while the end tables are made in natural wood.

A fusion of many styles, this warehouse office creates a work environment that accentuates the lofty design idea.

Total Area: 3,700 sq ft
Total Cost: Rs.87,83,149
Interior Design team: Nitin Jhangra, Harsh Kataria. 3D visualisers team headed By Deepak Dahiya and supported by Gagan Singh Rajput and Prem Chand Yadav. Execution and procurement team: Richa Sharma, Shilpi Roy and Raghav Anand
Text: Sumisha Gilotra
photos: Nitin Seth

E-40, South City-1, Sector 40,
Near K.R.Mangalam World School, Gurgaon, Haryana 122 002.

Meet the designers
Monica Chawla & Hardesh Chawla
Firm: Essentia Environments founded in 1995.
Firm specialisation: Interior Design.
Design philosophy: There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no and wow! Wow is one to aim for.
Philosophy towards life:
A believer in empathy! To be able to put one self in others place. Otherwise, one just designs stuff for oneself.
Favourite architect/Designer: Mies Vander Rohe