An Ode To Good Food

Nov 25, 2017

The reason for completely renovating the already existing catering area of a Gründerzeit building was the possibility to extend the company to three levels and to modernize them. On an area of 800 square metres, BEHF architecturally implemented the motto “WINNING DINING SHOPPING” by creating a spacious suite of rooms as well as a distinctive ambience.

The Interiors of the restaurant -1 

Frescos with sensuous Renaissance and Baroque motifs—nymphs, satyrs, and Bacchus, the god of wine—emphasize features of the restaurant area, while a dynamic lighting adds to this effect. This area is designed in the style of a brasserie featuring soft benches and armchairs covered with Pinot-coloured velvet that contrast with the raw and blank room shell. Here, the motif of the mirror, which is an important element of furnishings in traditional brasseries, was exceeded. Stramineous mirrors correspond to the colour of lamps that were specifically designed for this architectural project. The mirrors’ reflections let the harsh contours of the room dissolve, while, in combination with the colours of the seating furniture, referring to red and white wine as well.

The Interiors of the restaurant -2


On the upper floor, there are various function rooms for wine tastings. Since these rooms appear unpretentious, almost plain, due to cement floors and unrendered grey walls, the offered products optically come to the fore even more. As the building’s central elements that connect all floors, two striking spiral staircases break through each of the three levels and open the premises towards the top, displaying the “gods in heaven”. Serving as a link between the different levels and areas, the two stairways ensure that the levels merge smoothly. As part of Wein & Co’s special sales concept, customers can buy wine in the exclusive shop located on the basement floor until 2 a.m. and directly enjoy it in the restaurant.

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