Chip of the same block: Kangana Ranaut’s Home is inspired from her Himachali roots

May 08, 2017

Kangana Ranaut’s new home decor is a reflection of her identity as an independent and dynamic young woman from the north of India. Although away from her ancestral home, Kangana Ranaut hasn’t given up on the culture and style she has grown up with. The bright blue door is one directly from her ‘pahadi’ days. The wooden ceiling beams and the slated tiles are also reminiscent of her grandmother’s house.


The quirky blue door at the entrance

We are absolutely loving the ‘hole in the wall’ look in the living room. The painted brick walls coupled with this style of making space for wall decor is a quintessential and old school. The misplaced chandelier doubles up as a floor lamp. The granny mirror is a retro classic with its dark wood accents when coupled with a gramophone placed on an unpolished light wood stool.


The hole is the wall is a perfect cubby hole for smaller decor pieces

The bed has reddish brown posters on one end that resemble the eclectic touch of the northern temples in a space suggesting its minimal usage as inspiration. The portraits and frames adorning her walls are a part of her personal collection that she has collected from her tours around the world. She finds her personal sanctuary in this space because of the reading corner that faces towards the balcony.

We absolutely love the chair facing the balcony, creates the perfect spot to read with abundant natural light


The pool space is now a garden that further accentuates the utility of the large door and window frames present throughout the space. The simple furniture coupled with the colourful divider in the balcony space add to the north Indian charm of the home.


the low seating wooden furniture with wood accent light fittings are rustic and old school

There is an emphasis on capitalising on the abundance of natural light in the space along with the use of quirky furniture pieces. Many of the wall decor pieces include printed china plates that add a delicate charm to the pale empty spaces.


Even the dressing space capitalises on the natural lighting

The grunge cement walls carry off an unfinished look that accentuates Kangana’s bold taste and personal style. Unlike her previous home design, she wanted this space to be more of a sanctuary to her identity and an ode to her roots.


 The outdoor seating


The easy going and breezy styling of furniture has been coupled with gothic lamps in rather uncanny spots. This pairing is refreshing and yet another pick of Kangana’s own design idea of this space. The use of wood in the space adds a rustic charm while maintaining its clean non-fussy look.


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