‘Inside’ Tour 2016: Architectural Sensations of Berlin

Nov 18, 2016

Here’s an alternative introduction to Berlin as a global architecture and design marvel. To further prove the German sense of design, this year’s “Inside” Tour at the World Architecture Festival takes us through Berlin’s unique hotspots and backdrops that contribute towards Berlin’s architecture and interior design scene! Take a look at these and you will know why Berlin is the well deserved headquarter for WAF 2016…

Interior Design In Berlin

In terms of interior and furniture design, Berlin claims its prize! Some of the most exciting studios are located in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, where cheap rents once lured young, creative professionals. Now an established ‘scene’, there is much to be discovered in this part of the former West Berlin.

 Interior Design - Kreuzberg region, Berlin - Inside Tour 2016

Urban Farming in Kreuzberg, Berlin

INFARM is pioneering on-demand farming service to help cities become self-sufficient in their food production, while eliminating waste and reducing their environmental impact. This revolutionary method of farming especially resonates with environmentally aware citizens. This step towards a more productive urban planning is evidence of Berlin’s forwardness in terms of dexterous design beyond the usual focus on sole aestheticism.

 Urban Farming - Infarm, Kreuzberg, Berlin - Inside Tour 2016

Efficient Architecture In Kreuzberg

The ‘Baugruppe’ (building collective) is a major trend in Berlin. Individuals form a group to build homes together with local architects at lower construction costs. These buildings and houses are tailored to the clients’ needs while being architecturally interesting.

Baugruppe Cohousing - Berlin - Inside Tour 2016 - Architecture 

Berlin’s Galleries

Berlin’s world-renowned art scene manifests itself in a plethora of galleries, each unique in itself. Berlin presents some of the most outstanding exhibition spaces, which are also very exciting architecturally. From David Chipperfield’s purpose-built contemporary art gallery to an exquisitely converted Brutalist church, these buildings compete aesthetically with the artworks that they house.

Berlin Galleries - Inside Tour 2016 - World Architecture Festival 

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