10 Women On DezignGenie.com Transforming India Into A Home Fashion Capital

Aug 26, 2016

The right for women to vote paid off really well & to be honest, aesthetically too! Confused what we’re talking about? 26th August being “Women’s Equality Day” depicts that proud moment for every woman who has made the slightest difference to the world. Needless to say, DezignGenie.com’s Professionals have taken the responsibility of metamorphosing our entire nation. Their designs, notions and philosophy towards life have come through with their exceptional work of transforming every house into a lovely abode. Check our top 10 female “Dezigners” below:

  • Bhumika Mehta (Partner, HJ Talreja Associates): Bhumika’s straightforward and systematic philosophy reflects in her classic home designs – “The emphasis in our work has been on innovative planning to maximize space utilization & development of properly integrated systems & services into an aesthetically designed concept.” Is her work a reflection of your personality? Hire her now!

  • Chaitali Parikh Mehta (Partner, Inscape Designers): Graduated from Parsons School of Design, New York, Chaitali is a lover of eclectic and fusion! Check her work out here if you enjoy an energetic vibe as much as she does…

  • Kavita Shah (Founder, Purple Designs): Kavita does justice to her sole goal to design and decorate spaces to their utmost sophistication. Want a better feel of the grandeur and exuberance her work shows? Browse through her projects here now.

  • Meenu Agarwal (Principal Designer, Mads Creations): Meenu’s dedication towards creating interiors that reflect its client’s personality, lifestyle and thoughts shows in each distinctive project. Want a home that screams your name? Hire her now!

  • Niti Bhabhera (Brickworks Arch Studio): With her ability to mould her designs according to her clients, she is able to bring in a personal touch with the most vibrant concepts! Click HERE to view her work.

  • Saniya Kantawala (Principal Designer, Saniya Kantawala Design): Saniya’s love for quirky and accented home designs is portrayed differently in every home she has embellished. Right from a small room to an entire restaurant, in the world of contemporary, her work remains unparalleled. Get in touch with her here today, if you’re in for some out-of-the-box designs!

  • Shami Goregaoker (Partner, GA Design): Her keen eye for artistic innovation is projected through her fascinating blend of glamour and intricacy. Love what you see, take a closer look at her work here now!

  • Shefali Sanghvi (Founder, Inner Space Design): A staunch believer of “Always be faithful to your own design, ‘cause the best designs are personalized and unique”, Shefali religiously implements this in every project she takes on. Put an end to archetypical houses; build your home with her today! Click Here

  • Ratica Jain & Disha Shah (Co-Founders, Switchover Studio): With their love for shabby chic and contemporary work, they’re able to build the most unique homes. For an artistic living, book them here today!

  • Pooja Shah and Mitika Shah (Co-Founders, The Design Hub): With the perfect combination of contemporary and vintage, these professionals design the most creative and cozy homes! Perfectly justifying their name, you can find a quantum pool of ideas in their projects. Hire them here today!

Let these “Women of DezignGenie.com” be an inspiration to making a difference to the world this Women’s Equality Day. If you’ve liked their work, check them out on www.DezignGenie.com and follow us on all social media platforms for updates on their work.

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