3 DIY Home Accessories To Add A Style Statement To Your Decor!

Aug 27, 2015

We personalize everything from your cellphone ringtone to your social profiles, then why not home? Let your home speak about your style and your personality. Wondering how? Here are 3 interesting ideas to add a style statement to your decor:

1. Interiors are a reflection of you and your family. Use your favorite family picture and hang it on your bedroom wall.


You can also opt for a photo wall! It is one of the most lively and interactive ways of personalizing your interiors. Memories you’ve had with friends and family altogether on a wall! Doesn’t it already sound exciting! You can use the wall near a staircase or a small section of your living room to grab the attention of your visitors ;)


2. Cushions are a great way to add a personal touch to your living or bedrooms. You canstitch each alphabet of your favorite word on a separate cushion. This will add a fun element to your living room.


Or simply personalize your cushions with your initials stitched on it!


3. Ever wanted the amazing armchair while visiting grandma you wish you could replicate?


You can make statement furniture, simply by drawing your favorite designs on it. You can either draw abstract lines or grab metallic tapes to decorate it your way!


Love these tips & have a few to contribute? We’d like to hear from you ;)

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