4 Cool Ways To Decorate Your Basement

Jun 09, 2016

Does your lush home have an equally grand basement? Have you been wasting (yes you read it right – wasting) this space on boring storage? Make valuable use of this extra space that others would kill for! Make your guests crave your sense of style! Let this article inspire you to convert a mundane storage space into a swanky retreat…


  1. Home Theatre – If you are a movie buff, then this concept is an ideal addition to your home. Lavish & cozy should be the mantra for this TV room. Dark walls, small yellow-lit wall lamps and black with a pinch of gold in your furnishings will make your theatre look majestic. As a finisher, DG recommends using a small hollow corner as a bar, covered by a long drape. With extravagance like that, we know where to find you and your friends on a lazy/hungover afternoon!


  1. Home Gym – For all the fitness fanatics, who struggle daily to find time after an exhausting day at work… this is the perfect solution for you. There is zero stress in getting to something that is a flight of steps below your bedroom! You will first need a large mirror, as it will help with the multi-functionality of this fancy room. Want to use it as a yoga or dance room and you are set (if the gym isn’t overcrowded with equipment, of course). Secondly, pay more attention to the lighting. Since a basement lacks natural light, and your posture is vital for any of the three forms you might use this room in, DG recommends multiple spotlights in addition to white ceiling lights. White walls and wooden flooring will only complement such lighting.

Home Gym

  1. Home Office – Work is worship, but work from home is heaven? Need your space and quiet to enhance your efficiency? Then a home office is what you need. Much like the home gym, a home office requires white spotlights, white walls and wooden flooring, to keep it simple but classy. So here’s a money-saver, divide the basement into a home gym AND a home office!!

Home Office

  1. Game Room & Wine Cellar – Saving the best for the last! A pool table or foosball table you’ve dreamt of will finally be yours!! Since you could club this game room with a bar or a cellar, you could either go for a classic, modern look, or give it a rustic feel, depending on your style. Light background with detailed accents on either the walls, or seating, or even the bar, will give this new addition to your home a timeless look. For something more cozy and countryside, DG recommends unpolished wood, vintage lamps and rusty artwork.

Game Room:Wine Cellar 1Classic Game Room/Wine Cellarrustic-home-barRustic Home Bar

So what are you doing with your basement? If you’ve found inspiration in this article, or have a better idea for your spare room, then please share with us in the comments below.

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