5 Most Stylish Kitchen Colours Of 2016

Jun 22, 2016

What do you consider when you think about revamping your house? A lush living room, majestic bedrooms, elegant bathrooms, styles, accents, menial repair work around the house, with only the last bit including the kitchen… Why is it that kitchens are given least priority in terms of ‘styling’? Although it is the least visible space of your house to outsiders, it is imperative to keep it in sync with the rest of your home. Stylish does not necessarily mean luxury, so don’t let your kitchen suffer and feel out of place because of misbeliefs! Let this article show you how easily colours can transform a mundane kitchen into a simple, yet plush one!

 Elegant Kitchen 2016

1. Grey: This inbetweener for black and white is ruling 2016 and isn’t just popular in living rooms, but also in swanky kitchens. Use darker shades of this colour on cabinets, and grey metal on appliances to add glamour subtlely!

Grey Kitchen

Grey Kitchen!

2. Pink & Blue: No, it will not look like a kitchen for children when you see the shades, “Rose Quartz” (pale pink) and “Serenity” (pale blue)! This combination is a rather peaceful one as an accent, of course, to a white background. These accents could be eclectic chairs, lights, faucets, appliances or even backsplashes! Remember, this combo is a believer of ‘less is more’…

Pink & Blue 

Pink & Blue Accents!

3. Black & Black: Yes, the same colour barely seems like a combination. However, black in different textures and materials, can always seem like a different shade! Use this technique to your kitchen’s ‘dramatic’ advantage! Additionally, this combo will make a small kitchen look larger or a massive kitchen look more elegant – to each (kitchen) his own!

Black & Black

The Black & Black Vogue

4. Ivory: For you and me, by ivory we mean off white. We’re aware of the masalas & tadkas you must be concerned about staining your soothing, white furniture with, but consider engineered wood or veneer coating to prevent stains! Moreover, experts have used food as one of the main accents to a white kitchen. So spicy, oily food, bring it on – There’s nothing that can bring this kitchen down!


Ivory Skin On Your Kitchen!

5. Colour Blocking: When in doubt, mix ‘em all! Can’t make up your mind on which colour you want your kitchen to be, match it with all the colours in your house… Pick the ones you like best and make a mosaic pattern on either one or all walls of your kitchen! Simple, trendy and totally in sync with the rest of your home.

Colour Blocking

Colour Blocking In Sync! 

Add some style to your kitchen with our hassle-free tips, and let us know how the compliments turned out, in the comments below!

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