5 Nursery Ideas That Shahid & Mira Kapoor Are Going To Love For Their Princess!

Aug 29, 2016

Our heartiest congratulations to the cutest couple of B-Town on delivering a baby girl this weekend! To show our love and wishes for Shahid and Mira Kapoor, DezignGenie.com has come up with the best 5 nursery design ideas for their li’l princess. If the duo is as much in love with home décor as they are with each other (JK, but could be close), then this article will certainly inspire the chicest nursery that this city has seen…

  • Soothing Colours: Did you know that newborns can only see black, white and grey? However, as their sight begins to develop, they’re friendlier with soft hues of green, blue and pink. If you want to keep it clean and simple for your baby, then DG recommends the following colour combinations for different tastes:

Grey being the colour of the year, a combination of Light Grey and Pale Wooden Furniture is definitely the most stylish way forward.

Grey and Wooden Furniture

Grey & Pale Wooden Furniture

Accented Coral and Sky Blue hues might add certain freshness to the soothing shades you’re looking for!

Coral and Sky Blue

Coral Accent & Sky Blue

Pista Green with Sapphire would do the trick for making her play area seem bigger.

 Pista Green and Sapphire

Pista Green & Sapphire Nursery

We haven’t forgotten the classic Baby Pink, which virtually goes with every other pastel colour, her future Barbie dolls and soft toys!

Baby Pink

Eternal Baby Pink Decor 

  • Patterns: Sticking to calming colours will surely give her room a clean design, but adding a soft touch of patterns and prints will make it more pleasing to her eye and develop her creative side! DG recommends using simple patterns in those pastel curtains, wallpaper or sofa-chair to add an artistic element in the background.

Patterned Curtains and Sofa Chairs

Patterned Curtains & Sofa-Chairs

Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned Wallpaper


  • Wall art: Apart from selecting a chic wallpaper to blend with your baby’s nursery décor, why not add cartoony animal pictures, the alphabet, or wall decal, with a futuristic view of her nascent years! This tip is gender neutral too!

Wall decal

Wall Decal

Cartoon Animal Photos

Cartoony Animal Photos

The Alphabet

The Alphabet On The Wall

  • Accents: The best forms of accent for her room without a doubt include soft toys, shelves with bedtime storybooks and/or fiber optic ceiling lights! Blending these in will transform her room into a magical nursery of learning and imagination. You can try this tip for your baby boy as well!

Soft Toys and Bedtime Storybooks

Soft Toys & Bedtime Storybooks For Your Li'l One

Fiber Optic Ceiling Lights

Fiber Optic Ceiling Lights

  • Storage: Let’s think of something to make life easier for the mother now? With the amount of diaper changes, clothes, lotions, powders (the list goes on) your baby will need, smart and in our case, adorable storage will be imperative! DG recommends hanging pockets and cute baskets to match your décor. They will definitely come in handy while changing those baby diapers!

Hanging Pockets

Hanging Pockets

Cute Baskets

Cute Baskets

Make this article an inspiration for your baby’s nursery, and build her future with her… If these ideas have helped you plan ahead of your baby’s arrival (psst…hope you’re reading this Kareena Kapoor Khan), then please follow us on www.DezignGenie.com and all our social media platforms for more such stylish inspirations.

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