5 Reasons Why This Rakshabandhan Won’t Be As Boring As Always

Aug 16, 2016

Does Rakshabandhan mean an annual boring gathering of distant relatives whom you meet only once a year, on this particular occasion? Well, this year will be no different. But, why not endure it in style? This year, bring your own element of fun to this festival. Read on to know how…

  • Rangoli With Flowers: Add warmth and calmness to the aura in your home by making a soothing rangoli with flowers and ‘diyas’! Get together with your brother and cousins, and give your home entrance a facelift.Remember: Only use flowers – you don’t want to get Mother angry about synthetic colours leaving a mark on your beautiful marble flooring. Moreover, a faint fragrance never hurt any body.

Rangoli with flowers

Rangoli With Flowers

  • DIY Rakhi Ideas: For all the keen sisters who would like to make cute Rakhis for their brothers, we’ve got a pool of ideas for you!

Car/Aeroplane Rakhis: Are you one of the lucky ones whose younger brother is still chubby and obedient? Make him a funky car or aeroplane rakhi! All you need is a foam sticker set, felt circle sticker with an adhesive back, satin ribbon, black marker and you’re good to go!

Aeroplane Rakhi - DIY

DIY Aeroplane Rakhi

Rakhis With Felt: If you aren’t as lucky, cut your brother some slack on this day. Annoying as he might be, show him his importance by making him a beautiful rakhi with his favourite colours. Designer sticker set, felt circle sticker with an adhesive back, satin ribbon, sequins and you’re set to shower some love.

Rakhi with felt - DIY

DIY Rakhi With Felt

  • Decorate the ‘Aarti Ki Thali’: Since you are enthusiastic about this year’s Rakshabandhan, let’s keep every bit of the ceremony thoughtful and stylish! Lay a red velvet cloth below the items of the Thali for a traditional touch, embellish it with vibrant, aromatic flowers on the circumference and pick a diya which either matches or complements the colours of the flowers and your rakhi. With these, your Thali will definitely be the focus of the evening!

Aarti Ki Thali

Aarti Ki Thali

  • Beautiful Dinner Experience: This is one of the few days when “a moment on the lip, forever on the hip” does not matter. So leave that part of the evening untouched… However, what you can spruce up is the experience of devouring your mother’s delicious food – give your dinner table a regal makeover!

Tablerunners pose as a sophisticated element to dining tables. One way to choose these could be complementing colours or patterns with either your napkins or the fabric on your furnishings. However, it is imperative to note that if you’re choosing a patterned tablecloth, then your dinner set must be simple and mono-coloured, and vice versa.


Elegant Tablerunner

You could go for a simple and minimalistic décor by using ornate Napkin Rings. The rings could match with your crockery, calling for a luxuriant dinner set as well.

Napkin Rings

Majestic Napkin Rings

  • Collage: Let this Rakshabandhan be a cute reminder of the fun memories you’ve shared with your partner in crime. Put together a collage of your cherished childhood photos, in an elegant frame, which blends with the décor of your home. To keep things exciting, throw in comical caricatures in the collage!


Collage To Accessorise Your Home 

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Happy Rakshabandhan! Stay Golden!

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