5 Things That Hagrid’s Home From Harry Potter Has Taught Us

Nov 10, 2016

Rubeus Hagrid might be half-giant, but his half-humanly traits sure are heartwarming. Who knew his hut’s décor would be an unintentional trendsetter! Want to know how? Hagrid’s trick is to make his home more conversation-friendly rather than have it filled with distractions and wrong layouts! Below are a few tips to upgrade yours from a fancy house with decoratives to a warm, cozy home…

  • Get Rid of Distractions: Make every minute with your loved ones count by giving them your undivided attention. By this we mean, remove the overpowering existence of technology from your living room. Place the television set, wifi, etc. in the entertainment room and save the conversations for the family/living room.

Living Room Without TV and Technology 

  • The Circle: Before your mind starts to wander, we’re only talking about the seating layout… The best way to have everybody participate in a conversation is to arrange your furniture such that everybody is looking at each other.

Circular Seating Arrangement - Living Room Layout 

  • Comfortable Furniture: DG recommends investing in furniture that let’s you put your feet up, in this case, literally. For instance, cozy couches or relaxing recliners make people feel at home!

Comfortable Furniture - Cozy Couch, Lounger, Sofa 

  • Light It Up: Artificial lights, when tastefully chosen can bring a certain mood into the room. However, imagine yourself bathing in the warm winter Sun! What allows that better than voguish French windows? Your lovely view will only be a cherry on top to this snug feeling.

French Windows - Living Room 

  • Decorate With Bookshelves: Initiate meaningful conversations with the treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom. Oh, and this is also a hack to never run out of topics. Tall and crowded bookshelves tend to give a Victorian touch to the space, so if not about books, they sure can stir a conversation about the vintage look of your living room!

 Bookshelf - Living Room

Now that you know why Hagrid lives in a tiny hut, why not try out his decorating techniques for a perfect evening with family and friends! Stay tuned with us for more such home decor updates only on www.DezignGenie.com and our social media platforms!

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