5 Things To Do At Home This Janmashtami

Aug 24, 2016

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Janmashtami? Lord Krishna, Dahi Handi, Rangoli, and you’re out. How about we show you fun ways of celebrating the Lord’s birthday, at home, instead of watching the same old playact Dahi Handi wherein the youngest kid falls at least 5 times before he actually breaks the Handi? Lord Krishna is all about the fun and energetic lifestyle, so let’s offer him exactly that on his birthday, and of course, in vogue… Host a celebration in your home, and make the day revolve around all things our Gopala is fond of!

  • Style Your Mandir: On this auspicious occasion, style the mandir in your home with a murthi of Lord Krishna!

Begin with adorning the murthi itself. Match the crisp, yellow dhoti with a cute, satin turban in yellow and blue, to add a personal touch to the statue. To bring in the spirit of the occasion, attach a few peacock feathers around the temple and in your flower vases!

Style Your Mandir

  • Floral garlands: Enhance the uplifting aura of your home by decorating the wall around the temple with floral garlands and festoons. DG recommends using yellow and bright pink flowers to keep the energy of the event up!

Floral garlands

  • Layout For Kirtan: Since it’s our little Krishna’s party, let’s have his genre of music, orchestra and dancing too! What you need to keep in mind about this is the seating arrangement. Make sure you living room has enough space for people to perform “Garba” while some of your guests sing and play musical instruments to give the beat! Here’s an easy way to ensure maximum enjoyment and minimum waste of space – instead of concentrating your sofa, chairs, coffee and side tables to the center of the room, spread them out to the edges, and shift the coffee table to the dining area to optimize your food placement (you’ll see why). DG recommends placing a large, blue carpet in the middle of the room for the ones giving and grooving to the beat! Blue sticks to the code of the day and the layout let’s you dance to the tunes of the Lord.

Layout For Kirtan

  • Time To Feast: Did you know that you are meant to prepare 8 different food dishes on Janmashtami? Connected the dots yet? Yes, this is where the coffee table comes in handy. If you’re hosting this feast, then why not do it in style? Place a vase decorated with peacock leaves as a centerpiece on the dining table and don’t forget to bring out your gorgeous blue crockery.

  • Decorate Your Handi: Present your young Krishna with cute gifts in a decorated Handi! All you need is some golden paint, varnish, peacock feathers, string and glue stick, and you’re set to wow your guests with your enthusiasm and artsy side!

Decorate Your Handi

Make this Janmashtami special by enjoying Lord Krishna’s birthday in merriment and togetherness! If you found this article helpful in planning your home’s Janmashtami feast, then follow us for more such ideas and inspiration on www.DezignGenie.com and all our social media platforms.

Happy Janmashtami! Stay Golden!

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Stay Golden!

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