5 Ways To Furnish A Small Balcony

Mar 03, 2016

Do you sometimes feel like after a long tiresome day at work, you just want to come home, sit by your balcony with your loved one, sip on some green tea, and just relax; but the size of your patio won’t allow that? Why let a few dimensions keep you from having your ideal evening? We’ve got the most practical, fun and adorable solutions to your problem!

  1. Fusion of Fabric & Wood: Feeling particularly artistic, and have the patience to mix and match? DG recommends a blend of textured wooden seating and a table, with patterned cushions on top, which will look clean as well as wholesome. To further add on, a few bunches of flowers matching your cushion cover could give your balcony the perfect patio feel!

Fabric and Wood
Fabric on Textured Wood
  1. Lanterns: We know how dusty cities in India can get… You don’t want yet another set of fabrics to clean over the weekend. So why not fulfill the cozy quotient of your terrace with comfortable yellow lit lanterns! The same wooden furniture and pockets of flowers, with a touch of soft lighting, could be a perfect setting for a romantic dinner.

Yellow Paper Lanterns

  1. Singular Swings & Beanbags: Do you love reading? Create your own, undisturbed zone in your balcony with a singular swing decorated with a few throw pillows, which might we add, never go out of style! This swing is also replaceable with a beanbag matching either the walls, or furniture you might have in the small area. Once again, some pale lighting would not only be functional for reading, but also pose as a mood setter.

Singular swing
Swing with Minimal Decoration

Beanbag & Lighting

  1. Vertical Garden: Have you always wanted a cute garden on your terrace, but lack the space? Why not make a vertical garden instead of placing them all over your patio? DG recommends floor cushions as the only furnishing in such a scenario, which will extend the purpose of seating to featuring the height and area of your balcony! Less is more, readers.

Vertical Garden
Vertical Garden with Floor Cushions

  1. Railing Accessories: Now the space-saving fun accessories, which will also make your balcony look modern and stylish. Railing tables/shelves, planters and glass holders can make your balcony look a lot bigger than it actually is, while saving you the trouble of cleaning more furniture! Admit it, the last bit excited you the most.

Railing Planters

Railing Table
Space-Saving Railing Table

We hope we’ve changed your mind if you were planning to include that perfectly small balcony into your living room! If you have done up your patio in similar ways, please share with us in the comments below.

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