5 Ways To Mix & Match Prints And Patterns At Home

May 25, 2016

Fun, energy, intricacy, luxury, elegance if you belong to any of these, then this article is what your home NEEDS! Plain colours, designs, colour blocking certainly give your home a chic and clean finish. However, adding patterns, may it be textured or limited to prints, can give any room an extensive character and touch of grandeur (if done right, of course)! Let this article guide you with choosing the right prints, in the right amount, in the right place…


  1. White & Coloured Pattern: This is a foolproof combination for the meek ones wanting to try something new and exciting in their home! You don’t always have to buy new showpieces complementing that pastel décor. Be brave! Choose any colour scheme that suits your personality best – subtle pastel, vibrant hue, black & white, etc. Now select any pattern that you want to experiment with – stripes, polka dots, chevron pattern, bold animal prints (in accents), and watch your room transform its look!

white + colour

  1. Neutrals for large prints: Bold, large prints certainly look stylish – but, if you’re going big on the prints, then tone down on the base colour. One way of implementing this is painting your walls and flooring neutral, and adding a few layers of prints on your area rug, and other focal furniture pieces. You may soft-pedal it with a neutral-coloured sofa, ottoman or chair. This case of being bold while playing safe will only give your home a magical feel.

neutrals for large prints

  1. Bold colours and prints: Our restricted boldness doesn’t suit your personality, does it? That indeed is the best part of mixing and matching prints! You’re at an advantage of being able to choose from intriguing colours and patterns – garnet red and aquamarine blue on zebra print ottomans or chairs, jewel tones in burgundy, etc. However, with bold colours it is important to steer away from complex designs, as you don’t want pattern to show in overabundance.

bold colours

  1. Mimic a pattern: Do you already have a pattern that you love? Why not try using it in different scales! For instance, if you are a fan of stripes, geometric designs, or even polka dots, choose one and add it in different sized accents of a room such as accent pillows, lampshades and window treatments. This just elevated the energy in your room, didn’t it?

mimic accents

  1. Worldly knowledge: People usually buy fabrics and showpieces as souvenirs when they travel – make use of them!! Bring in a worldly culture into your abode. Use the patterns and prints from everywhere you’ve been, throw them on your fabrics, mix ‘em up with solid hues and watch them bring an old room to life!

Recent travels

Make your home a delight to the eye with our tips on prints and patterns. We’d love to see how creative you are with your home décor, so please share with us in the comments below!

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