6 Tips To Give Your Home A Greek Twist

Sep 08, 2016

Craving a Greek break, but your schedule doesn’t allow it? Well then we’ll just have to bring Greece to you! Imagine the white serenity, blue energy and the “Greek Key pattern” elegance in your haven… Confused what we’re talking about? Ever noticed the maze-like meandering pattern on décor accents (and now also in the clothing fashion industry!), ‘cause that’s the trend, which you’re about to invite into your home. Read on to know how you can incorporate these and transform your home into a Greek-ful paradise!

  • Patterned Overlays: Got some fading furniture, a stairway or just a plain wall that could use some embellishments? Greek key patterned overlays will not only give your space a regal makeover but also add character to the room!

 Patterned Overlays - Staircase

Patterned Overlays on Staircase

Patterned Overlays

Patterned Overlays on Walls & Accessories

  • Greek Key Furnishings: Want a quick, hassle-free way to include the key pattern in your décor? Drapes and throw pillows are everlasting trends that take less effort and bring in the elegance you are looking for! If you’re a design and DIY enthusiast, then weaving the key pattern onto your existing throw pillows and drape borders can be your new project!

Greek Key Furnishings

Greek Key Furnishings 

  • Greek Blue: A Greek look without the blue hue just seems incomplete, doesn’t it? There are a million ways to include this universal colour in any part of your home, right from a basic painting to decorative accessories. Want to know how to infuse your abode with some of that blue hue? Then this article is the perfect pit stop to make: https://www.dezigngenie.com/blogpost/4-Blue-s-To-Get-Rid-Of-Your-Midweek-Blues-

 Greek Blue Home Decor

Blue Home Decor Accents For Your Home

  • Repurposed Vase: Of course you thought of throwing in a vase too. But, what if you could be a tad bit more creative by repurposing a blue bottle in place of other usual vases? We already see the compliments pouring in…

Repurposed Vase

Bottle To Vase! 

  • Brick Walls: Give your home an authentic Greek look with an accent white or rugged brick wall. You can alternatively create this Mediterranean look by placing tiles with an imitation brick pattern! The tiling trend becoming popular by the day might just earn your home some brownie points!

 Brick Walls

Another Brick In Your Greek Wall!

  • Mediterranean Plants: Throw some green along with the blue! Little terracotta pots with Mediterranean plants such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, oleander and geraniums will add a refreshing and naturally colourful element to your decor.

 Mediterranean Plants

Lavender & Thyme To Go With Your Greek Theme

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