6 Bathroom Trends To Die For This Season

May 23, 2016

Are you one of those who have their Eureka moments in the bathroom? Why not do the thinking in vogue! Your divine, thinking ‘tank’ isn’t all about the functionality, is it – you need the look and feel to call it home inside your home! So don’t fret, DezignGenie.com brings to you a curated list of trends that will give your bathroom a stunning look that is a perfect match for your personality. Read on to make your home the talk of the town..


  1. Tranquil: For a time by yourself – peaceful and silent, you certainly need the ambience for the experience. After a tiresome and hectic day at work, all you need is a minimalistic environment. For a person like you, your space needs to be luxurious, yet stark. You don’t need the intricacy in design and pattern. Plain, classic luxury is your style! DG recommends use of polished wood in unexpected spaces such as the walls or sink to add a touch of unique simplicity. An independent bathtub by the window will only enhance the feeling of calm and quiet.


Alternatively, making use of cool tones such as teal blue, dashes of emerald green and coral could help enhance the serenity during your hour-long bath!

cool tones 1

Soothing Blue

cool tones 2

Coral in the Bathroom


  1. Natural vibe: Wood isn’t the only natural material your bathroom needs to use – natural stone and river rock can pose as perfect trendsetters! Using these in your platform tops or sinks, could add an earthy element to your bath. In a small space, you could make an even bolder statement by combining this with a pebble bathmat or even embed smooth pebbles in your border flooring!

polished stone - natural vibe

Polished Stoned Basin

pebble mat - natural vibe

Pebble Mat For The Bathroom!
  1. Glamour: If you love the spotlight and the drama, this is the look for you. Dazzle your guests by injecting metallics into your bathroom. The metal quotient could vary from just candle stand to a whole bathtub or shower caddy, depending on how brave you are!

glamour - metallic bathroom 1

Another way to add drama is using lamps instead of wall or ceiling lights. These in yellow lights are sufficient to add a Victorian touch to any space, if you want drama, in a budget. For a little extra creativity and elegance, combine lamps with backlit mirrors.

glamour - lighting

  1. Round Mirrors: These have become one of the fastest growing trends of 2016! Round mirrors add a graphical, focal point to the bathroom rather than the traditional rectangular mirrors. These clubbed with the trend above (of glamour) could be a real game changer for your bathroom, as round mirrors can be combined with metallic tea light holders or yellow lamps!

round mirror

  1. Black & Gold: This trend in accents could do wonders. Subtle gold in fixtures and black cabinets, windowsills or doors will definitely elevate the chicness of your bathroom!


  1. Creative tile patterns: We know tiles have been in style since time immemorial, but this year, with a slight twist! Creating patterns such as Herringbone design with vibrant or even a conventional black-and-white combination will give your bathroom a chic look, and fill it with positivity and energy. Time for happy thoughts indeed!

herringbone - colour

Be in your ‘natural’ element, literally – meditate, have revolutionary thoughts, imaginary conversations, award-winning speeches (yes we know about those too), all in style! If your bathroom is as trendy as this article, then post away comments below.

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