6 Mood Setters For The Perfect Dinner Date

Jun 22, 2017

Don’t we all just need that hour in the day when we can relax, sip on some good vintage wine and put our feet up? If not to unwind, then for a romantic date night – just the two of you, perfect mood, perfect aura, perfect evening! The key to creating this magical setting lies in your lighting and décor! Let DezignGenie.com help you re-energize and rejuvenate your life with the most mesmerizing ideas.

 Mood Setter for the Perfect Date!


Twig Lights : These minimalistic, dainty lights can do wonders even from a little corner in a simple vase! If you’re a hopeless romantic, DG suggests twig light chandeliers above your dining table or in your balcony, which will give your room a dim illumination, just right to set the mood.

Twig Lights 1

Twig Lights In A Vase

Twig Lights 2

Twig Light Chandeliers For Dinner Tables & Patios

Twine Lanterns – Another classic for a beautiful setting – twine lantern! These are recommended for evenings in the patio or a small terrace. If you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, try making this at home. All you have to do is glue a rope around a balloon, allow it to dry for a day, pop the balloon, and spray paint it for the perfect finish! Place a few intertwined fairy lights in the lanterns you make, and voila – you just earned brownie points from your loved one!

Twine Lantern 1

DIY Twine Lanterns

Twine Lantern

  1. Mason Jar Lighting – By now you know these are DG Favourites! But, be careful how you make use of this technique. Mason jars clubbed with bulbs will make your room go for the sunshine instead of the romantic moonlight! DG recommends placing a patterned jar or two filled with small fairy lights or tiny candles on the dining table for a date and the side table for a cozy evening in.

Mason Jars - Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights in Mason Jars

Mason Jar - Candle 1

Candles in Patterned Mason Jars

Mason Jar - Candle

Tea Lights in Mason Jars
  1. Ornaments & Lights In a Bucket – Here’s a way slightly unheard of, creating an illuminating effect on ornaments! Put all your old Diwali, Christmas and New Year’s decorations in a bucket and mix them up with a few string lights for a shadowy radiance from the corner of the living room!

Ornaments & Lighting 1

Decorations & Lighting in a Bucket!

ornaments & lighting 2

  1. Candles- A candlelight dinner is a mood-setting phrase in itself! Utter these words and you know you’ve hit jackpot with the romance quotient. Having said that, there’s always a chance of mundaneness creeping in with plain white melting candles on a dinner table. DG recommends spicing things up with carved barks as candleholders. For all the crafty ones out there, you could also glue smooth ropes to thick candles with various designs and patterns to catch the eye. Let the rugged edges mark a smooth end to your stressful day!


Candle holder - Bark carved

Carved Bark as a Candleholder

Candle - Rope

Smooth, Patterned Ropes Around Candles
  1. Combination of Fairy Lights & Candles Imagine how enchanting it would be if you could put together fairy lights and candles in the perfect proportion! Snuggle up under one quilt, a string of fairy lights, two candles, two souls – a night to remember, indeed…

Perfect Blend of Candles & Fairy Lights

Perfect Blend of Candles & Fairy Lights 

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Philips Hue Lighting

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