7 Types Of Windows You Didn’t Know About

Jun 24, 2016

Did you know windows could either enhance or mar the finesse of a room in your house? We often go for the most functional one, but to rank high on the elegance quotient, you need the right kind of window to let the natural light in, blend with the interiors, and especially match with the size of your room! Don’t panic, we’ve got a guide for you, which will suggest the perfect match for your home…


1. Sliding or Sliding & Folding Windows: These sufficient light entering your room while making sure the size neither overpowers nor descends the rest of your space. Moreover, you could make these look grander with hanging flowerpots on the sides of the window or fit a low-rise seating area to enjoy a good view!

Sliding or Sliding & Folding Windows

2. Arched Windows: Have a semi-circular curve at the top, which adds softness to a room, in contrast to the straight lines and corners of windows and walls. Cascading vines can make arched windows look majestic!

Arched Windows 

3. Multi-panel Bay: These project outward from walls and form a bay in a room, letting in more natural light, making a room appear larger and providing a larger outside view. In case you are an art and history lover, these were popular in the Victorian Age, showcasing the regality of this style.

 Multi-panel Bay

4. Top Hung Windows: Hinged on the top of the frame, these allow the bottom to swing out. With minimal tools involved, these seem especially classy in big spaces with French windows where the top window can open outward!

 Top Hung Windows

5. Clerestory Window & Skylights: Set in a roof or high up in a wall for day lighting the interiors. These could prove functional as well as eclectic in bungalows or farmhouses to enjoy the rainy days or even just the dazzling night stars on date nights!


6. Tilt & Turn Windows: In the tilt position, the window is bottom-hinged and opens at the top; in the turn position, the window is side-hinged and opens by swinging inward. These could prove particularly helpful in the Monsoon wherein you’d like to enjoy the breeze without wetting your plush floor!

Tilt & Turn Windows

7. Casement Windows: Side-hinged to its frame, it swings in or out like a door. Used in single pieces or in pairs within a common frame. These could be used in your kids’ bedroom to keep the handles out of their reach!


Which one of these suits your home best? Please share with us in the comments below.

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