7 Home Décor Accessories You Must Have This Spring

Mar 02, 2016

All hail, readers! Spring is finally upon us. It is time to snap out of your dull duvet days and get chirpy again! You know what will help you do that – Some cheerful colour in your home. However let’s not get carried away, we’re still emphasizing on ‘some’.

  1. Striped Ottoman: A neutral hue to your home can be switched with the addition of just a neon-striped ottoman in a corner of your living room/bedroom. Simple and inexpensive, isn’t it?

Striped Neon Ottomon
Striped Neon Ottoman

  1. Bright Bowls: Homes with open kitchens are at an advantage for this tip! DG recommends using bright bowls for display on your counters, and if you are feeling bold enough, place them on your coffee table in your living room.

Bowls for the Kitchen Counter
Bowls for the Kitchen Counter

colour bowls2
Decorative Bowls for the Living Room

colour bowls wall decor
Bowls as Wall Art

  1. Rainbow Drawers: Lighten up that monotone in your bedroom with exciting, new makeup storage. DG also recommends getting more innovative with its use in a small office, perhaps!

Rainbow Drawers
Rainbow Drawers

  1. Global Décor: Speaking of amp-ing up a home office workspace, a floral globe would make it look magnificent, after all “Florals” are going to make a striking comeback soon! In fact, this petite design with a blend of pastel hues would make any room look chic.

Floral Global Decor With a Metallic Touch

  1. Coral & Blue Living Room: For those with an ocean view, DG has the best way to merge the ambience of Beach and Spring. With a dash of coral, navy blue and white, we could create a wonderful contrast with the view outside! A few subtle patterns on your furnishings will only enhance the look if you are in for some more fun. Notice how the second living room below has transformed itself from winter to spring with the addition of just a coral seating and a small vase of flowers on the coffee table!

coral and blue
Combination of Coral & Navy Blue for the Living Room
coral living room2
Coral Furnishings with Pattern
  1. Vibrant Cushions: You can bring a Black & White living room to life with adding just a few different coloured throw pillows, sofa blankets and drapery!

Vibrant Cushions with a White Living Room
Vibrant Cushions with a White Living Room

  1. Bamboo Lanterns: Why should your patio feel left out when you’re face-lifting your interiors? Enrich the view from your balcony with a pastel-coloured lanterns hanging from the ceiling or just place near your plants to brighten them up too!

Bamboo Lanterns for Your Patio
Bamboo Lanterns for Your Patio

What do you think of our change of season hacks? Or have you already given your home a winter-to-spring makeover? Share your success stories in the comments below!

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