8 Fabulous Focal Points For Every Room In Your Home

Nov 21, 2016

From the second that guests walk into your home until it’s time to bid adieu, astound them with your fantastic styling ability. We’ve found the easiest and the most stunning way to do this – add one inspiration piece of décor to every room in home! This could either be completely bold and beautiful or subtle and elegant; to each his own…

  • Oversized Lampshades: Yes, even an anglepoise lamp can grab your attention, provided its size is magnified. Wondering if this trick would be a yay or nay in your study area? Then DG suggests placing this in any room with a glazed window and another playfully artistic background. You may also place this Pixar inspired lamp in your television/entertainment room to show the world what a hardcore movie buff you are!

 Anglepoise Pixar Lamp - Home Decor - Focal Point

  • Stylish Storage: This storage is not only space-saving but also colour coordinated! Why just match your shoes to your outfit when you can do the same with your room’s décor? This intelligent option allows you to play around with the dominant colour theme of the room without having to replace any furniture!! For an added touch of chic, complement this with French-inspired furniture.

Storage - Shoe Rack - Matching Home Decor - Colour 

  • Tactile Wallpaper: Since handbags and wallets are too mainstream, why not make a statement with this faux crocodile skin wallpaper in your bathroom? Caution: Be prepared for the bold comments! This fashion is not for the weak-hearted…

Faux Crocodile Wallpaper - Bathroom - Home Decor 

  • Classy Glass: After an overdose of the bold wallpaper trend, let’s browse through a calmer and chicer style of dressing your dining room with a shimmering, crystal cut chandelier. DG suggests placing this chandelier with grey furnishings for an enhanced minimalist and elegant look.

Chandelier - Dining Room - Home Decor  

  • Marvelous Mosaic: Why stick to regular paintings when you can create your own version of art out of tiles? A contemporary design such as this will make you feel like the God of Art every time you step in the shower and stun your guests when they take a peek (or leak) inside.

Mosaic Tile - Bathroom Style - Home Decor 

  • Timber cladding: If timber is the focus of your open kitchen, then be sure to feature this with matte finish cabinetry, steel-framed windows and basically anything non-glossy. This will give your home a sophisticated as well as country touch!

Timber - Kitchen - Home Decor 

  • Statement Artwork: Such zesty and colourful artwork on a tall white room divider is the perfect punch for the wide expanse of space this living room has to offer. Drawing the attention upwards, it emphasizes the height of the room and adds eye-catching colour to the pristine white décor. 

Living Room - Home Decor - Artwork - Painting 

  • Transparent Framework: Installing a Crittall-style wall is an uber-chic way to separate your bedroom from your bathroom. This modern wall has an additional advantage of making the room look larger with the abundant light gushing in!

Transparent Crittall Wall - Bedroom - Home Decor 

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