8 Quirky Home Décor Gifts For Your Guru

Jul 18, 2016

Are you once again planning to shower your Guru with boring flowers and “heartwarming” cards? When we look back at our time spent with our teachers, we know it’s been a roller coaster of laughter, tears, anger, stress and every other emotion that has been listed in the dictionary. So why mark this day with mundane items, which hardly portray your sentiment of gratitude? Let’s make this year’s gifting as fun as the best ride of your life! DezignGenie.com brings to you cool home décor gifts that will perfectly fit with your Guru’s daily routine (and your budget)!

1. Laser Gun Alarm Clock: They might have woken you up with a melodic “Rise and shine” while you were sleeping during their class, but the truth is, they have always known the real struggle with early mornings! So help them energize and kick-start their day with an alarm clock to shoot at. Let them live the dream too… Priced at Rs.2000. https://www.dezigngenie.com/product/40001/Laser-Gun-Alarm-Clock


2. Self-Stirring Takeaway Mug: For mornings that the alarm clock didn’t help with, get them these bright, self-stirring takeaway mugs to sip on their coffee, on the go! Priced at Rs. 549 only.  https://www.dezigngenie.com/product/40039/Skinny-Self-Stirring-Mug

3. Chocolate Memo pad: May it be a regular day, exam time or seasonal break time – for your teachers it was always a busy time! Appreciate their effort to remember the tiniest details of their own as well as your day, with a fun-filled memo pad. Priced at Rs. 299 only.  https://www.dezigngenie.com/product/39895/Chocolate-Memo-Pad

4. Syringe Highlighters: Remember how you used to highlight the entire page with your marker? For the exact opposite reason, gift them these funky syringe highlighters to help them mark important details (only)! Priced at Rs. 300. https://www.dezigngenie.com/product/40029/Syringe-Highlighter

5. Planterbot: These are small robot-shaped planters that look lovely when placed on the desk. For all those exhausting days, help your teachers refresh and de-stress in style! Price on request.  https://www.dezigngenie.com/product/38132/Planterbot-Red



6. Multipurpose USB cable: Did you know you weren’t the only one pulling all-nighters while studying? They stayed up checking your work too! So for all such nights that they might have to continue doing this for, gift them these thoughtful, multipurpose USB cables with a clock and a fan!! Let the clock be a countdown of the hours of sleep they can embrace before the next morning… Priced at Rs. 1199 only. https://www.dezigngenie.com/product/40023/USB-Clock-Fan

7. Lazy Reading Glasses: This product is a must-have for all teachers! Continue to read books, watch movies, play games, and read some more, while lying down, 180 degrees… Ingenious creation, indeed! Priced at Rs. 999 only. https://www.dezigngenie.com/product/40016/Lazy-Readers

8. Tea Light Lantern: Finally, some day, when they do intend to relax and put their feet up, let them unwind with some ambient lighting! Priced at Rs. 849 only.  https://www.dezigngenie.com/product/39199/Marky-Wire-T-Light-Holder-In-Red

Hope this article helped you think out-of-the-box with the Guru Purnima gifting this year! It’s your chance to reciprocate the love and sincerity you received from your Gurus. Be thoughtful. Be creative. For more such inspirations, follow us on www.DezignGenie.com and our social media handles!


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