8 Throw Pillow Designs To Transform Your Decor

Nov 22, 2016

Apart from serving a dual purpose of throw pillows complementing and completing your home decor, they also reflect your personality – more upbeat, majestic, or simply elegant. Whether they tell a story or support the furniture of the room, these accessories blend in and enrich the interior look! Below are a few designs that will help you decide what suits your furniture perfectly:

Natural Palette

Nature doesn’t always mean sticking to green. Colours such as yellow and brown can decorate as well as brighten up a solid tan couch with a natural, yet lively color palette.

Natural Colours - Throw Pillows - Couch - Home Decor 

Scottish Snuggle Spot

Look to the heather and bramble (lilac and green, in simpler terms) tones of the Scottish Highlands to create a cozy spot and gaze at the perfect sunset. Mix and match different types of tartan patterns in throws and cushions to give your neutral room a quick country update.

Scottish Print Throw Pillows - Window - Home Decor 

Go Green

Foliage inspired prints are perfect for nature lovers. Leaves, ferns and rolling hills give this simple scheme a lush feel. DG suggests teaming with white walls for a fail-safe look.

Green Leaf Print Throw Pillows - Home Decor 

Faded Florals (DIY Alert!)
Tap in to the trend for patchwork denim and bring a little bit of soft vintage style to your sacred spot. More the denims you have to throw away, more abundant the amount of cushions will be!

Floral Patchwork DIY - Throw Pillows - Home Decor

Pastel Power

Through any season of the year, it is difficult to go wrong with the pastel paradise. For a more enhanced experience of this palette, layer up marshmallow pink and sky blue with soft yellow and green tones, for an upbeat antidote to a tiring day.

Evergreen Pastel Throw Pillows - Pink Blue - Home Decor 

Prints charming

Layer up a few different coloured Scandinavian prints to add a hint of fun and frolic to your room décor! DG recommends using light but bright colours to give your home a jollier vibe.

Prints and Patterns - Throw Pillows - Home Decor 

Gold and Bold

Does the combination of golden and red remind you of a grand wedding? If you’d like to go for a subtler royal look, couple this combination with a pale colour.

Golden Red Throw Pillows - Home Decor 

Rainbow Hues

Got white interiors? Add a pop to this blandness with the VIBGYOR! Throws and cushions will add an exotic and vibrant element to the pristineness.

Rainbow Colours - Throw Pillows - Home Decor 

Implementing any of these furnishings’ technique on your home décor will give it an instant uplift! Stay tuned to us for more such style trends and updates for your home interiors, only on www.DezignGenie.com and our social media platforms.

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