A Greek Style Home

Jan 15, 2018

Ayushi kanodia

Located in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, this 1BHK is inspired by whitewashed buildings, panoramic views, and sunsets against the rugged cliff of volcanic sand beaches of Greece. The interiors of this home speak for minimalist decor, shades of whites and nudes, and rugged furniture.

Ayushi kanodia 1

Designed by Ayushi Kandoia, this home is a Greek Paradise. The first step was to select the entrances where the designer could build rounded arches which brought in the required depth of each space. These rounded arches break the flow of the ongoing walls, that are soothing to the eyes. The second step demanded uniformly whitewashed walls across the space giving it the Greek look. Having an exposed wall with the whitewash also gave the whole space a nice texture.

Ayushi kanodia 2

After having all the walls whitewashed the designer added subtle pop of colour. "We start with adding the right furniture to enhance the look. Using exposed wood furniture brought in the required earthiness. Apart from that, using Mediterranean hues while designing the wooden kitchen cabinets got us the much-needed colour pop. Once the furniture aspect was done, we had to look at the lighting aspect. We used lights that were designed with natural materials. It gave us the required feel of modernism and also the nature of the home", said Ayushi Kanodia, Interior Designer, Ayushi Kanodia Designs.

Ayushi kanodia 3

Lastly, the entire idea was to style the home using minimal furniture and the including colour through accessories. The project was based on prior research on the distinct qualities of the Greek houses that make them so beautiful and special. At the same time, the aspects of Greek design that resonate in the home were only the most functional and space effective ones, keeping in mind the client's needs.

Ayushi kanodia 4

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