A Peek Inside VertUHealth Bar

Nov 06, 2017

A bar that is actually healthy we’d definitely want some of that! Issa Design makes the new VertU Health Bar a treat for health food addicts. To bring nature inside the VertU health bar was at the heart of the ideation. The space represents different aspects of nature, formally or informally.


The Nutritowers are at the centre of the space where a vertical indoor garden allows the client to grow fresh herbs throughout the year and where customers can enjoy a great meal filled with chlorophyll.A sky blue ceiling reminds us of beautiful summer days. The use of pastel colours is an ode to the fruits and vegetable part of the menu such as mango, lemon, melon, green vegetables...The large infinity table is also a reference to the cycle of nature. The freshness of the menu is reflected in every detail of the yummy minimalist design.


About the agency

Issa design is a versatile environmental design agency working in the fields of commercial, corporative, institutional and residential. They specialize in interior design, creative consulting, and sustainable architecture. Integrating the brand's spirit and the user's needs, Issa design creates spaces that allow people to enjoy every day with a functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environment while integrating design as a guarantee of success and betterment.

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