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Jan 16, 2018

Pliante Bar 

The Pliant bar at 26, Noida, India, demonstrates the mathematical principal of contouring at play. Design Plus Architects employed detailed research to bring out only the most exclusive shapes and forms to transform this space. The fabrication of the single and few double curved surfaces (all of them loosely referred to as fluid surfaces) is resolved by the generation of hundreds of unique coplanar profiles. While the endeavour of solving a complex geometry may be constant, the methodology of the solution: the details, the materials, the dimensions are varied. This variation creates the desired environment.

Pliante Bar 1

The primary brief of the bar design required Design Plus Architects to enhance the current patronage, and of course increase revenue. This generic brief, however, pointed towards several areas of existing concern: lighting, materials, ergonomics, display, etc. Another constraint was to maintain the external elevations, while completely overhauling the interiors. This was achieved with the fluid ceiling plane that effortlessly syncs with the exteriors.


Pliante Bar 2

  • Thought 1: Design an element that physically ties the exterior to the interiors.

Execution: A fluid surface was created which, when outdoors, serves as a second skin shielding the building from the harsh south-west sun; when in-doors creates a dramatic drop ceiling. This surface was detailed by contouring it into a series of rafters built with structural steel sections and classed with fibre concrete board. The reduction in the resolution of the wave, into rafters, depended upon tangibles such as cost, Hvac + lighting + furniture layouts and intangibles such as ambience and lightness.

Pliante Bar 3 

  • Thought 2 : Visibility to the gardens.

Execution : Large glazings were planned overlooking the club gardens. The mullions and transoms were dimensioned to avoid any visual barrier while sitting or standing. This in addition to planning a 5’ x 13’ balcony cantilevering over the greens.

Pliante Bar 4 

  • Thought 3 :“Never before seen bar counter” with increased bar seating.

Execution : A bar counter can be romanticised as one location within any bar which permits intimate conversations. The geometry of the counter was conceived to allow this communion, sometimes even undisturbed by the bartender. The fluidity was developed by laminating 296 unique ply profiles, each being 24 mm thick. The texture of the profiles was further enhanced by the inherent laminates of the ply.

 Every aspect resonates finely thought out design to bring out an artistic marvel in this space. From the forms to the lighting, the elements come together to create a spectacle of the design to leave the visitors in complete awe.

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