CWAB 2.0: Behind The Scenes (Part I)

Sep 07, 2016

It’s that time of the year when the Stars of the Architecture and Build Industry come together under one roof to celebrate design. Even as the best push the bar up a notch they leave behind a trail of work that is difficult to match. It is exactly THIS excellence that the CW Architect & Builder Awards salute every year, with a little more zing in the 11th CWAB Awards - for the first time architectural prowess in emerging cities has been recognized. A new category called NOTEWORTHY PROJECTS has been added this year. For the last couple of years, the government has stressed upon the need to build a second rung of urbane cities - the smart cities. Echoing this proposal, projects were awarded across six segments: residential, commercial, interiors, institutional, retail and hospitality.

After a detailed screening of about 250 entries, they were presented to the jury comprising renowned Architects from all over the country! Features that had to be assessed were the project’s green program, amenities, materials, technology and design, all through an online process! After analysing each project on various parameters, the jury gave us the final list of Noteworthy Projects. Read on to know more about the shortlisted projects in the Interiors category.

1. Ravishing Revamp By M:OFA

Delhi Daredevils Head Office, Delhi
Category: Interiors (Office Space)
Size/area: 3,200 sq ft
Completion date: 2015
Approximate cost: Rs 1.12 crore

Delhi Daredevils - M:OFA  

An all-spruced up office space for Delhi Daredevils was designed by Delhi-based architects M:OFA to celebrate the team’s revamp. Swanky office design, new players and an improvised logo that reflected youthfulness and exuberance with its fluid bold curves heralded the team’s entry in the seventh season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).


2. Origami Inspirations By Sanjay Newaskarr

Patil’s House, Pune
Category: Interiors (Residential)
Size/Area: 4,800 sq ft
Completion date: March 2016
Approximate cost: Rs 2 crore

 Sanjay Newaskarr

Taking inspiration from Plasma Studio and Architect Daniel Libeskind, the interiors of the project revolves around the concept of origami, which is represented in various ways throughout the house.

3. Indian-ising Workspace By DSP Design Associates

Pegasystems Inc, Hyderabad
Category: Interiors (Commercial)
Size/Area: 170,000 sq ft
Completion date: February 2015

Pegasystems Inc - DSP Design Associates

Spread over three floors, the new office of PegaSystems Inc in Hyderabad was designed by DSP Design Associates as a global facility with Indian design philosophy, mixing fun with hard work to encourage collaboration while supporting the scrum methodology of working at Pegasystems.

4. Rejuvenating Retreat by GA Design

Private Residential Villa, Khandala
Category: Interiors (Residential)
Size/Area: 16,000 sq ft
Completion date: May 2015

 GA Design

Facing the picturesque Khandala valley, the villa was designed by GA Design to create a large, spacious house that celebrates the visual treat of lush greenery all around.

5. Exquisite Expressions By Gaurar Kakkar

Sharma’s Residence, Mumbai
Category: Interiors (Residential)
Size/area: 1,700 sq ft
Completion date: 15 December 2015
Approximate cost: Rs 4,000 per sq ft

Gaurar Kakkar

Devoid of wooden and veneer finish, the project’s design by Gaurar Kakkar emphasised the bold use of colour and artistic décor to give the house a chic contemporary look that is a true creative expression of the dwellers of the house.

6. Artistically Global By Icon Projects

Spacio Art Gallery, Mumbai
Category: Interiors (Retail)
Size/Area: 3,000 sq ft
Completion date: January 2016
Approximate cost: Rs 90 Lakh

Icon Projects

The space was designed by Icon Projects to provide a global and world class experience for the clients who visit the showroom for selections by creating the ambience and atmosphere of being in an art gallery.


7. Redefining Backyards By Amit Aurora

The Backyard, Delhi
Category: Interiors (Hospitality)
Size/area: 1,019 sq ft
Completion date: February 2015

Amit Aurora 

Set amidst the busy streets of Green Park, this café cum bar was envisaged by Delhi-based Amit Aurora as a casual hang-out place perfect for family and friends that endows the visitors with the feeling of being in a backyard and provides an aura of relaxation as they watch the world whizzing by.

8. Organic Offices By Sanjay Puri

The Shards, Mumbai
Category: Interiors (Commercial)
Date of completion: September 2015
Size/Area: 21 lakh sq ft
Sanjay Puri

Transforming the site limitations of heights, widths and structural systems into an office, the organic design of the project creates a unique identity for every individual space within the office, thanks to its abstract compositions and intermingling spaces by Sanjay Puri.


9. Visual Voyage By ANA Design

Thomas Cook, Mumbai
Category: Interiors (Commercial)
Size/Area: 55,000 sq ft
Completion Date: 2016
Approximate cost: Rs 5.5 crore

ANA Design

The design concept by ANA Design for Thomas Cook office was derived from the metaphorical idea of gaining experience of the world through forms that represent the various parts of the world, by projecting ideas through souvenirs, memories and experiences that one gathers while travelling.

10. Colourful ‘n’ Cozy By Insignia Design

Uptown Café, Siliguri
Category: Interiors (Hospitality)
Size/area: 327 sq ft
Completion date: 22 December 2015
Approximate cost: Rs 8 Lakh

Insignia Design

A tight cozy space of just 327 sq ft was designed by Insignia Design to create a
vibrant, classy and comfortable hangout zone in the small town of Siliguri.

We fell in love with these concepts and designs! Guess what? This is just the gist of it! For a complete overview of their work, take a look at our CW Interiors Magazine NOW!

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