Complete Your Makeover With These 5 Rug Designs!

Sep 08, 2016

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of styling your home? Wall art, paintings, showpieces, unique coffee or side tables, lighting or something else? How often do you think about accessorizing the floor? Usually overlooked by homeowners, elegant flooring is an integral part of a room’s design as it is one of the first few elements that catches the eye subconsciously. Did you know that a singular rug has the power to set the tone for the entire room? Why not exploit this advantage and make a beautiful one-time investment in adorning your home?

  • Neutral: With a proportionate mix of neutral and tiffany blue, this rug creates a feeling of mystery, hence blending in well with an eclectic or contemporary décor. Furthermore, pairing this rug with minimalist metallic accents will enhance the sophistication of your room!

 Neutral Tone Rug

  • Spotted: Looking for an energy surge in your room? This combination of grey, which happens to be the colour of the year, and a subtly spotted design gives you the freedom to play with brighter colours without making your space look shabby, and some more print on smaller accessories respectively. This will definitely upgrade your room from barren to a showcase of art.

Spotted Rug 

  • Geometry: If you are able to find perfection in imperfection, then this rug design will be your new inspiration. The spaced out patterns allow you to bring in more eclecticism though asymmetric geometry in your surrounding furniture! 

 Geometric Rug Designs

  • Bold: Is bold and experimental a precise reflection of your personality? Then this rug design has your name written all over it! Leave your guests stunned by bringing a brave, red rug right in the middle of your living room. To make a more pronounced statement, match it with smaller accessories in different shades of red.

 Bold Reg Rug Designs

  • Splendid: We’ve got a surprise for a small living room too! A teal coloured rug gives way to a flood of light and magnificence. This glorifying art piece best fits in classic rooms. However, the bold designs on the rug allow an experimental addition to a contemporary room!

 Teal Rug Tone

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