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Oct 25, 2017

Perles et Paddock is a restaurant whose interior design was brought to life by a designer, an architect and a restaurateur working in close collaboration. Clairoux’s team supplied an authentic design experience inspired by the neighbourhood’s history and tailored to the restaurant’s philosophy.

  inside the restaurant


Frédric Clairoux and Julie Lafontaine, two accomplished designers from FX Studio Design, brought this Griffintown gem to life. Having worked together for 19 years, they know what it takes to hit the right design note, and they always conceive high-end, carefully crafted projects. After researching the lifestyle habits of those who call the neighbourhood home – dynamic young professionals who are curious and love the best things in life – they jumped at the opportunity to take on this stimulating project.

green interiors


This second collaboration with Maurice Martel gave Clairoux and Lafontaine an opportunity to create a style inspired by the history of the neighbourhood. The restaurant’s location, close to both the city stables in Griffintown and Little Burgundy, puts it in the heart of the neighbourhood’s action. The idea was to create a design that was both original and locally inspired while respecting the essence of the restaurant trade. In other words, the neighbourhood gave birth to the ambitious design. The restaurant’s owner, Maxime Perrault, came up with the name Perles et Paddock: Perles (pearls) for their femininity and Paddock in reference to the nearby stables. The restaurant’s décor features many equestrian touches, including an impressive piece by artist Marc Gosselin.


 a view from the side


The dining room brings the outdoors inside, making it easy to forget the building’s industrial character. The designers chose materials such as wood, metal, concrete and green plants, and kept the high ceilings to air out the space and make the food the centrepiece. The relationship between inside and outside works to highlight the decor and façade, while the extensive use of white gives a sense of purity. The casual-chic nature of the restaurant can be seen in the logo with the golden letters, in the tall green plants on the counter and in the market cuisine. The concept has been the same since day one: bright and comfortable. This was an enriching collaboration for all, and the talented team can be proud of their refined architecture and design work.


Image Credits: Atelier Welldone

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