The Dusai Resort is a serene Escape

Oct 05, 2017

Harboured in serene green hillocks of the tea plantation area in northeast Bangladesh, Moulvi Bazar, "Dusai Resort & Spa" is the first of its kind destination resort in the country.The complex exudes the essence of a traditional village with its location on the slope of a hill. Existing trees shape out the setting of the cottages so that the surrounding nature and contour site remained untouched. The resort showcases a hybrid construction system of traditional tea estate bungalows and standardized concrete construction.. A mixed truss system of wood and metal makes roof framing with soft thatch cover. Local technology and materials with local workmanship have been extensively used here.


The program includes a residential complex, dining, a swimming pool, a spa, a conference room and indoor and outdoor gaming facilities. The residential complex is comprised of the main hotel block and individual cottages. Cottages for families are arranged in an array around the courtyard in a semi-private setting and cosy deluxe cottages for couples are arranged in flocks in a more private setting. The linear site imparts an impression of a labyrinth, sequencing a procession from the reception area to cottages.


After the arrival at the resort, guests start their journey by walking along the curved path through the hills to reach their destination allowing them to relish the natural setting. The internal roads and walkways are placed in a labyrinth loop encompassing the complex allowing travelling the whole area in circular motions. Programs in the linear site are distributed into public, semi-private and private zones in a consecutive manner.


The public zone of the reception sits at the beginning that leads to a semi-private zone with the main hotel and cottages for families along with recreational amenities, such as the sports area and the swimming pool. The aesthetics of the resort endeavours toward prioritizing nature overbuilt structures. Rooms with large opening apertures tower nature invite the greenery to step inside and lets guests enjoy the spectacular and uninterrupted view of surrounding from their dwellings. Nature is not lost in its extravagance but nurtured.


About the Design Firm

‘VITTI’ – is one of the most renowned architectural firms in Bangladesh, notable for their remarkable achievement through urban development project of Hatirjheel as well as many exemplary projects in High rise Residential & Commercial facilities, Institution, Museum & Building Conservation, Environmental Design, Monument Design and Interior Design.

The Atelier evolved in 1991 as a design studio under the very guidance of Master Architect of the subcontinent, Architect Mazharul Islam. In the process of evolution in 1993, the Atelier transformed into a limited company ‘VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd.’ Presently lead by Architect Iqbal Habib and Architect Ishtiaque Zahir the firm continues with its responsive and responsible attitude towards practice.


Image Credits: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan

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