The New Office for Vigilant Global is Modern and Refined

Sep 19, 2017

Vigilant Global, a Montreal-based research, development and information technology company, mandated Provencher Roy to redesign its offices in Montreal. LumiGroup, a key collaborator in lighting for the project assisted the interior designers in enhancing each room with lighting adapted for a refined, modern and dynamic environment.



Well-being and comfort

Vigilant wanted a new office space that was modern, “cool’’ and refined. They wanted to ensure it felt like a tech office but also warm and inviting. To achieve all of these goals, the concept included strong black lines, careful use of patterning, wood features throughout, and a refined palette of accent colours. The result includes elements of fun but they were carefully introduced so the final effect remains mature. “As designers, we were fortunate to work with a client that put so much focus on employee well-being and the quality of the finished space. Design was a priority alongside significant electromechanical, IT, and AV requirements and the result is a space that we and the client are very proud of.”, explains Anna Westlund, partner and interior designer at Provencher Roy.



The office is only used by employees, so the interior needed to be impressive and appealing to potential new recruits and support the health and productivity of staff. A balance between areas for focused work, collaboration and break times were a priority as well as flexibility. The new layout promotes all these aspects with elegance and modernity.



Wood, warmth and refinement

Before crossing the threshold of the door, coming out of the elevator, the natural colour of the wood juxtaposed to the black steel sets the tone. The changes of ceiling level are the canvas of a laser cut pattern of several small dots that remind the printed circuit boards of the technological universe. The wood continues its path in many areas. A noble and democratic material while also a material that warms computer systems. On the floor, walls and ceilings, smooth or rough, pale or dark, the wood intrude continually adding comfort to the space. A set of thin slats of wood dresses elegantly the ceiling of the conference rooms and office spaces. A.light’s lighting, integrated with the same linearity, contrasts and energizes the space.


Design and corporate culture: collaborative spaces

The open and closed spaces were designed using moveable walls, moveable furniture, and sit-stand workstations, allowing reconfiguration of various open and closed spaces for employees to get together or work alone. Every floor includes spaces that support these different modes of being in the office. With employee health, a priority for Vigilant, access to natural light was ensured for all workers using demountable glass partitions.  Acoustic treatments were carefully applied in open areas to avoid noise bleed. 


Dynamic, ambient and functional lighting

The lighting design for the project was complex.  With so many different spaces that support many different tasks, the goal was to create different moods with the different lighting schemes, rather than a uniform distribution with the same lighting levels throughout.  The design was achieved through careful fixture selection to support the function and concept in each zone and adjustments based on a detailed lighting model. 


Photo Credits: Alexi Hobbs

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