Tile Trove

Oct 16, 2017

Produced out of rigorous experimentation and development to suit Indian needs, the tiles segment is taking an informed leap ahead.  Catch up with the latest introductions in the tile segment to give your home a new definitive look for the season.


Print mania

Tiles are surprisingly becoming a canvas of varied expressions. With a range of colours and prints to choose from, one can complement basic coloured furniture with heavily-printed tiles. Subtle furniture in white, black or grey can be paired with rich tile colours and bold designs. For print heavy tiles that rank lower on the vibrancy, use solid colours in furnishings. This design choice is especially advisable for bathrooms. Keeping print heavy tiles on the borders can make the space attractive as opposed to using the printed tiles on a large canvas. However, ceramic tiles in rug style that give a dominating feel are not doing well this season. Dark finishes of wooden furniture particularly go well with fancy tiles.



If you are crazy about prints, Moroccan designs are to die for! These tiles can be used elaborately in a window-less bathroom to create a vintage effect. Complement them with a marble top basin and use the same colours on the tiles in matt finishes for the furniture in the bathroom. The opulence of the design can be balanced against luscious velvety painted furniture.From dragonflies to unicorns, the sky is the limit in tile design. Choose absolute bold designs to make an impression. This can be used to create a feature wall or decorate an exclusive space in the outdoors.


Vintage romance

A blast from the past, vintage, non-glossy tiles are a complete rage this season. Quick combinations of colourful elements are put together like an eccentric collage to achieve this look. The motifs largely resemble old Indian block print designs or plain solid colour combinations instead. This style, however, is best suited for large homes that do not maintain a particular theme. The difficulty with smaller homes is that, matching tiles with the right type of vintage furniture may not be possible throughout. It can be a complete put off to pair these tiles oddly with modern chandeliers and muted colour tones. Find an antique grandfather clock instead and place it against a wall to achieve a classy look. Create unique highlight elements in rooms by mixing vintage printed tiles with plain ones. Note that Victorian-style printed tiles are now taking a backseat.


Material wonder

With designs that resemble marble, brick and wood, tiles make for a fabulous investment too.  While the other materials may appear expensive, subject to availability and market costs, tiles are taking over their territory. These low maintenance tiles give an effect of marble and wood in their sheen and non-glossy finishes respectively. The brown brick copycat is largely available in tactile varieties in medium gloss. Create a zen-like modern, sleek look by using wood-like tiles for your spaces. Brick-shaped tiles are available in solid colours as well. Solid deep colours like red, yellow, purple and white are now combined with starkly contrasting furniture colours to create a quirky space. The various designs and styles in tiles are definitely leaving the consumers spoilt for choice. From colours to finishes, offerings by the segment are extremely attractive. Read on more to know about how top players like Qutone are taking the industry by storm with their newest offerings. 


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