What’s Hot & What’s Not: Living Room Trends For 2016 Vs. 2017!

Dec 29, 2016

Finishing our trend series and this fabulous year, with the trend and mood setter of your home - the living room! We’ve got expert advice from Anshu Choudhury, Stylist, Craftsvilla, to make your living room the star of your home. From gearing up for the New Year’s Eve party to sending gifts to your loved ones, this is an eventful time of the year. Not to mention, it is also ‘vacation time’ for most families with kids getting time off from schools. So if you are looking to give your living room a makeover, this is the perfect time to plan. Don’t forget to incorporate the latest trends to ensure that the room displays the perfect blend of style and comfort. Let us decode the trends that are for keeps this new year.

Warm Wins Over Cool

While 2016 was ruled by cool materials like copper and marble, 2017 will make way for warmer materials like Terracotta. This traditional earthen décor has an unparalleled charm that adds an ethnic look to your home. Trendy and colourful Terracotta vases would be great for your living room table. You can also choose from the wide variety of décor items like wind chimes and figurines made of this material. If you are the one who loves to experiment, you could also try Terracotta tiles on one of the living room walls.

 Terracotta Pots and Vases - Living Room Trends 2016 vs 2017

Bye Bye Blues

2016 was dominated by tints and shades of blue. However, 2017 will be the year of greens following Pantone’s recently announced Colour of the Year as ‘Greenery’. A great colour to incorporate in the living room, as it can instantly lift your spirits and make you feel connected to the outdoors. Use them in upholstery to spruce up your living room. If you are up for a bold change, you can paint the walls green and use wooden furniture for a calm and serene ambience. Addition of indoor vines can take your room even more closer to nature.

Indoor Vines - Living Room Trends 2016 vs 2017 

Old & New

Antique theme has been every interior designer’s favourite. While the trend will stay, it will undergo some serious changes. Mixing antique with modern is the ‘in’ thing. Use furniture with worn out finish along with sleek minimalist furniture for the perfect balance between old and new. Do ensure that you stay away from oversized furniture as this trend won't be seen in 2017.

Sleek Antique Furniture - Living Room Trends 2016 vs 2017 

Rooted In India

2016 saw Make in India initiative give a great push to Indian made products. Hand-painted fabrics, handlooms and even prints inspired by our rich cultural heritage were accepted with open arms by consumers. And this trend is here to stay. You can play with weaves like Ikat that give beautiful and intricate geometric patterns on fabrics, and crafts like Madhubani to give a unique look to the living room by using them on cushion covers or table mats. You can also get these fabric pieces framed and hung on the wall.

Ikat Red Chairs - Living Room Trends 2016 vs 2017
While it is great to keep a tab on the trends, don’t forget to follow the thumb rule – your living room should reflect YOUR personality, rightly pointed out by the Stylist. Now that you have the perfect answers to what to trash and what to encash, get started with your home’s facelift plans! Marking the end of our trend series, stay tuned for our home fashion updates and tips, only on www.DezignGenie.com and our social media platforms!

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Stay Golden! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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