Women's Day Special: CW Interiors in Conversation with Natasha Jain of Bent Chair

Mar 08, 2018

A Special Treat this Women's Day, CW Interiors gets an exclusive with Power woman of the industry- Natasha Jain of Bent Chair.

Natasha Jain Bent chair


What are the challenges of being a woman designer in the country?

We face the same challenges as any woman in any industry but the efforts of women preceding our generation have paved a way for women entrepreneurs as much as men.


How does your natural feminine instinct guide their designing process?

Women are more receptive of different kind of places. Their understanding of aesthetics is profound and translates into designing spaces that have a purpose and a personal touch matching the personality of the person the place is being designed for.


Bent Chair , Tamasha

According to you, have there been any past or current trends with a strong feminine form or instinct attached to it?

The Feminine form not just inspires furniture but décor also. It inspires everything in order to enhance the beauty. The feminine form is continual and evergreen.


What are the global innovations that are changing the way women and design/architecture interact?

Women are usually primary buyers of home décor products. A lot of companies are now focusing on creating designs that have a more utilitarian approach towards their products, products that are utility oriented.

 Bent Chair, JLWA

What drives your practice?

My motivating is when I see my product Bent Chair grow and become bigger.

Bent Chair, Natasha Jain


Quick Five with Natasha Jain of Bent Chair

Favourite Product Designer: Philippe Starck

Favourite Architect: Among the artists, I admire the works of Salvador Dali, Spanish surrealist, painter, Gio Ponti an Italian architect and Philippe Starck are innovators whose works are absolutely phenomenal. Herman Miller is a brand that I really like.

Your inspiration: Everything should look quirky and have some function.

Favourite Quote: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” – Steve Jobs

One invaluable lesson you’ve learned on the job: No matter how bad today is there’s always a tomorrow. 


Bent Chair, Natasha Jain


Check Out the website: www.bentchair.com


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