Your Very Own Bar At Home!

Sep 08, 2016

Warning: Please try this at home. 

This one is for all the relentlessly hard-working folks who have a hidden (weekend) party animal in them… With our home bar designs there is no need for you to go to the pub - bring the pub to you! And obviously the biggest perk is, you don’t even have to wait for the weekend! Read on to wash away your midweek blues with these mini bar ideas.

  • Kitchen Island Bar: Got an open kitchen to flaunt your contemporary taste in design? Then kick it up a notch by stocking your liquor under the platform! To get the authentic bar feeling, use those high chairs as bar stools.

Kitchen Island Bar Design 

  • Bar Under the Stairs: For all the Harry Potter fans on DezignGenie, we’ve got our own edition of “The cupboard under the stairs.” You’re right, we’re replacing “the boy” with a bar. For your guests, this isn’t a mere fictional bar theme, but a prudent use of space…

 Bar Under The Stairs

  • Space saving rack: We’ve already showed you how a lack of space can’t be your excuse to go bar-less!  The easiest (and cheapest) solution to this is hanging a vertical rack on the wall, which can hold your liquor bottles while also displaying your impressive collection! Psst…Usually wine adorns these racks. The horizontal position lets the wine breathe and keeps it at an angle that helps it age well! Cheers!

 Space-saving Rack For Bar Designs

  • Bar Trolley: It doesn’t get better than this – with a mobile bar, we’re bringing your pub to you – literally! Comfort, glamour, luxury – all at once! Laminate the handles in metallic sheets for some elegant sheen.

 Bar Trolley

  • Smart Shelves: Who said only keeping it elaborate would spell opulence? Clever liquor shelves that match your walls could be an equally classy way to work a bar into your home decor. Put exquisite crockery and bar supplies on display and watch it make the trendiest statement of the year!

 Smart Shelves For Bar Designs

  • The Hidden Cabinet: After all, a bar is but a storehouse of your liquor. Why not use the space already provided in the house for storage to store liquor as well? Convert the old dingy dump area you call a storeroom into a bar.

 Closet Bar Designs

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