DIY Lamps For Diwali

Oct 07, 2015

Deepawali or Diwali is certainly the biggest and the brightest of all festivals. It’s also known as the 'festival of lights'. It's that time of the year when the whole family takes part in decorations, cooking, shopping or crafts! And the most common way to do it is through lamps! We've curated decoration ideas for you to make your diyas look interesting and to brighten up your home :) diwali-decorative-diyas You'll need:  FKDT1 The decoration material may differ according to the type of diya you pick! Additionally you could require: Paints, CD's, bangles and orange peel (orange covering). 1. Paint your diyas with some paint! img_0175 2. Use one colour to paint your diya and stick rhinestones for a designer look! Crystal-diya 3. Pick a few spoiled CD's and stick a tealight candle in the center. Now use rhinestones with some decorative beads to decorate the CD's. decorative-diyas-using-wate-cds-step-final-2 4. Use a few bangles and stick them together. Now place the tealight candle in the center. You can also cut a circle out of a cardboard for the base! 1-Diya-DIY-for-Diwali-by-The-Material-Girls 5. Cut an orange and remove the covering in a circular shape. Now pour some hot wax in it and place the wick in the center. Now allow it to cool! DIY-orange-candle We hope this brightens your home! If you love these ideas, subscribe to our blog for more. Happy decorating!

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