DIY Tips Kids Will Love!

Jul 20, 2015

Here are some DIY tips for you and your child to tryover theweekend. Help them explore theartist within,make thebedroom theircanvas andpaint their dreams.


1.Explore and create unique art bypainting over the dullmarble tiles with a bit of left over nail-polish. Don't worry! It is easily removed with a dab of acetone. This artwork thoughhighly messy is totally worth it when you see thefinal product.


2.Bring out the old bed-sheets and pillow cases for a fun indoor tent at sleepovers. You can prop them up on sticks or just have them hang on a line. Add a bit of glam to the tents by stringing up LED fairy-lights and stock them up with toys! A sure way to be a hit among your child and his/her friends.


3.Help your kidscreate cool characters with some card paper and glue.If you do notprefer sticking them on your wall, glue them on a stick instead. You can put all the sticks in bucket when not being used to add some character to the table. Bats

Your Bats are now ready for some action!


4.Help your child add a splash of colour to their drawers by painting the sides and inside of them. This unique detailing also adds to the character of your child'sfurniture and reflects their personal tastes and choices without being over the top.

Open-Drawer-Side-mydearirene-e1425196657592 5.Remember playing with these lego blocks in your childhood? Every parent sure brings home a bit of their childhood with this fascinating and uber creative game. You can use these blocks to create various stationary objects or just use one of them to hold all your pencils in one place!



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