Is Your Home A Smart Home?

Aug 05, 2015

The Indian Government has called for 100 new smart cities. Smart cities will give way to smart homes. But the question is, what is a smart home?
Flat design style modern vector illustration concept of smart house technology system with centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security locks and video surveillance, energy savings and efficiency.

Smart Techniques

With progression in technology, innovation has become a reality which cuts down the recurring cost. smart-home-131209                
  • Talking Homes Home Automation with voice recognition is now being added at the construction stage. These sensors or micro devices function to deliver with personal voice commands.
smart house device illustration with app icons
  • Smart Car Parking System: You swipe before you leave the home and by the time you reach the ground floor, the car has arrived.

Smart & Green

  • LED Lights – Although, it's an investment at the beginning they help you save electricity
  • Motion Sensors – You can ascertain the number of people in a room and adjust the light accordingly, which in return help you save on your electricity bill
  • Timers – Activate your geysers or air-conditioners even before you have reached to avoid wasting time.
Don't these gadgets make you want to convert your home to a smart home? Invest now to save in the long run and support the environment! Have other smart techniques to add to list? Just comment below or email us at

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