Monsoon 'Pick Me Up' Decor Ideas

Jul 13, 2015

Monsoon, the time of the year where we all yearn to just lounge by the window reading a book and munchingon hot delicious snacks throughout the day. But, monsoon is also the time when the weather wrecks havoc to the walls and the moisture tampers with all our furnishings. That is why we are hereto help! Here are some ideas to ensure your home is monsoon ready!


1. Ben Linen -Make your bedrooms warm and cozy during monsoons. Browse and select the perfect colour and thread count with products-37164-371641435302291other_images_0

2. Doormats & Rugs - Children oftenget their muddy footprints all over the house. A good doormat should be placed at the entrance to soak the slush/water. You could also place ain your living room for the same.


3. Flowers & Vases -

If you have a old lying around, then it's time you started using it. It's a good time to start gardening if you ever wished for a green thumb or just call up your local florist for the freshest picks of the lot. Flowers are great when you just need to brighten up your mood and liven up your space.


4. Curtains & Drapes - Use light gauzy

to ensure that your room receives ample amount of sunlight during the dull season. It's a better options as it retains less moisture and dust from the outside making it a hygienic option.


5. Candles - Evade the moist and musty smell in your room with scented

Keep them decorated on the side table ready to be lit up for an instant 'Pick Me Up' or for those frequent power cuts in this weather.


Tell us what else you could add to enhance the beauty of your home?

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