Top 5 Favourite Colourful Products

Jun 16, 2015

Want to brighten up your room in a colourful but not overpowering way? Well, accents, accessories and subtle additions to a room can be the best way to do that!

We’ve picked out our Top 5 Favourite Colourful Products for you to choose from!


1. This rainbow hue clock can add that extra zing to an all white room, or be an added accessory on any colour wall…Just make sure the wall is subtle, you don’t want the colours clashing! Buy the product by Just For Decor HERE.



2. Love quotes and inspiration? This perfect framed wall art with the right shade of blue will make sure you have no Monday Blues or blues any other day of the week! Buy it from our friends at 10am HERE.


3. This stunning and serene painting from our partners at Time & Space Gallery is sure to make anybody feel safe and at home instantly. We love the calm it brings, not to mentioned with the right dose of colour! Buy it HERE.


4. Serene green! Add some freshness into your room with this sophisticated bedspread. Check out their range of beautiful bedsets. Buy it from Deco Window HERE.



5. Rugs, rugs, rugs! A floor protector, dust catcher and décor booster all in one! Check out this multi patterned rug from our partners at Evok. Buy yours HERE.


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