What Your Zodiac Has To Say About Your Home?

Jan 20, 2016

Since there can be multiple zodiacs staying under one roof, it’s difficult to decipher the average or sum total of what colours to go in for. Taking into consideration the zodiac of the head of the family or the primary breadwinner of the family may help make this choice easier! DezignGenie brings you all that the (dominant) zodiac has to say about your home interiors as observed by Tamanna C. Tamanna C is an angel therapist, psychic healer, spiritual coach and an author, who launched her book The Way Aheadlast year.


Aries– Since Aries is a Fire sign, it’s important for the house to have a calm, cooling effect. Shades of white, off white and blue are best suited for them. You should avoid yellow, orange or red in the house. You can use a combination of pastel hues if you please.

Astro Taurus

Taurus– Being an Earth sign, which is more grounded and Moody, you can work with bright colours like yellow, orange, chrome and shades of red along with a combination of white or beige. Avoid red in the bedroom area as it can make you more aggressive with extreme mood swings.

Astro Gemini

Gemini – Being an Air sign, Gemini can be extremely calm, patient and composed. Since this is a good trait and doesn’t need much balancing, you can work around shades of beige, white, peach, pastels, and shades of blue. Avoid grey, black and red.

Astro Cancer

Cancer– Water signs will have a strong affinity towards fire colours, so shades of yellow, gold, orange and red will suit you. You can even work with lighter shades of green. Avoid too much white and grey.

Astro Leo

Leo– Being a Fire sign, with aggressive and passionate energies, you will need balancing colours, to make you more flexible and calm. Shades of Lilac, purple, blue, and white will do you good. Avoid yellow, orange and red.

Astro Virgo

Virgo– Earthy energies will make you more moody and complacent. Incorporating colours like red, orange, yellow, metallic (except grey) will give you the much needed passion and boost in confidence that you could use. Avoid brown, green and black.

Astro Libra

Libra– Being an Air sign, you can use colours like white, beige, pastels of any shade ranging from blue to green. Avoid using solid colours. In the bedroom, you can use combination of white along with yellow, orange or red to strengthen your relationship.

Astro Scorpio

Scorpio– Being a Water sign, but along with aggressive energy, you can use calming colours like off white, beige, light pink, light blue, lilac, pastel green or coral. Avoid solid colours and plain white.

Astro Sagittarius

Sagittarius – Being a Fire sign, Sagittarius have a strong trait of being sensitive while being aggressive. It can go either way in relationship with people at home. Strong colours like blue, green, orange or white will help them be more assertive and emotionally strong. It will also help them with communication skills. Avoid dark hues and settle for more subtle shades while choosing colour.

Astro Capricorn

Capricorn– Being an Earth sign, you could use some confidence, passion and motivation in your work and relationship. Avoid white. You can work around shades of beige, off white, cream, blue and purple. White will make you too mellow and bright shades will make you aggressive. Strike a balance while using complementary colours.

Astro Aquarius

Aquarius– Air sign being calm and composed work best with white, beige, yellow, orange and red. Avoid blue and green. You can also incorporate shades of purple and lilac to add character. Avoid black or metallic shades.

Astro Pisces

Pisces– Water signs, especially Piscean would need colours that would be stronger to make them more interesting, assertive, emotionally strong and stable. Colours like yellow, gold, orange, shades of pink or red will work best for them. Avoid blue and grey.

“While a lot of people get attracted to using black in their homes, its one colour that I personally avoid, because black being a strong colour can create extreme conditions, be it in confidence, aggression and sometimes even create issues with health and temperament for almost every zodiac.”- as quoted by Tamanna.

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