Dazzle Your Home This World Environment Day – The Eco-Friendly Way

May 24, 2016

Feel like reciprocating to Nature this ‘World Environment Day’? No, this isn’t a mainstream “Go Green” or “Green Interiors” article… We have something more inventive in mind for you – Reuse and Recycle, with an artsy twist! Get all the old, boring junk you’ve been hoarding and spice it up with a little help from DezignGenie.com!

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  1. Bottle ‘em up: Got a few empty wine and beer bottles at home? Turn them into flower vases by arranging a bunch of cute, green orchids or daylilies (to match the bottle hue) in each of them.

wine bottle vase 1

  1. The Adventures of ‘Tin-Tin’: This is for all the lantern aficionados (which makes all of us). Got a few “ghee” and condensed milk tins lying in your kitchen, try drilling a few holes in a pattern, place fairy lights or singular bulbs in them, and illuminate your home (or patio) in an innovative manner.

tin lantern

  1. ‘Glassy’ Frame: Reminiscing cherished memories of all the fun times with family, now on an old – no wait, vintage glass door, which can be used as a massive photo frame! Rusty edges will only enhance the look, so no door is “too old and shredded” for this concept!

glassdoor photo frame

  1. Broken chair holder: One might wonder what good could a broken chair bring to a house – we’ve got something other than “money for the wood”. Use it as a chic stand/holder for light equipment or even just showpieces. Eclectic chairs can do wonders for this trick! Alternatively, the back of chairs may be drilled with hooks to turn them into stylish hangers.


chair hanger

  1. ‘Wheelie’ ottoman:  Use your creative flair to turn a tyre into an ottoman with just rope, plywood and little varnish to avoid the pokey rope fibres.


  1. Jeans Pocket Holders:  Jeans fading, tearing, or simply going out of fashion has become the excuse of our lives… But this time, don’t throw the ones away, turn them into swanky holders that could be sewn onto either your kids’ pinboards for stationery or as a hanger for collecting your li’l princess’ jewelry!

jeans pocket 1

Liven up your home with these cool ‘upcycled’ items and stay tuned to DezignGenie.com to add more such quirk and fun in your life!

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