‘Smart’ Kettle Launched For The Perfect Coffee In San Francisco

Jan 17, 2017

San Francisco-based startup, Fellow has designed a ‘smart’ kettle that allows users to precisely and remotely control its temperature for optimum coffee brewing.

The Stagg EKG kettle designed in collaboration with branding agency Branch, is intended as a more aesthetically appealing and minimal alternative to existing electric kettles.

It connects to an app named Brewbar, allowing users to remotely control the temperature, and to switch the device on and off.

The app also stores brewing times and temperatures, so users can save recipes for future reference. The kettle's minimal design features a slender spout and handle.  A weight in the handle moves the centre of mass closer to the user's hand for a controlled pour, while the slender spout allows for a more precise stream of water. 

Its on-off button pops out to double as a dial that controls the water temperature, which is displayed on an LCD screen on the kettle's base. The Stagg EKG can be set to maintain a specific temperature for up to 30 minutes, meaning users to set it to be ready for when they arrive home.

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