Design Your Own Statement Rug With This New App

Jun 25, 2018

 The Netherlands-based company’s Carpet Creator App lets you select a custom section of their pre-made rug patterns (there are currently four to choose from) by zooming and swiping, then choosing the shape and dimensions to fit your space. Once ordered, your design is printed on a full-color rug that’s shipped to you. (Don’t worry, there’s a preview option that lets you see what it looks like and gives you the price before making the deal final. 

Prices are based on both the square footage (starting around 4.9 x 4.9 feet and going up to 13 x 26 feet) and the finishing. Rugs with an overlocking finish start around $290 while those with blind-hem finishing start at $370.

Are you ready to design one of your very own? Head over to the Carpet Creator App to get started.

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