Adarsh Gill Home Showcases its Collection of Sterling Silver Living Room Concepts

Nov 21, 2017

Bringing the regal aura is the Adarsh Gill Home collection of Sterling Silver Furniture where Silver furniture marries traditional design with modern aesthetics. A contemporary spin with straight line silver chairs with pop colors or a contemporary fabric sofa placed with a sterling silver coffee table and chair can be integrated seamlessly into a modern space is the focus of the collection.

Adarsh Gill’s silver furniture collection is unusual with its commitment to both the eye and the hand of great design. Every creation is unique and exquisite, painstakingly handcrafted under the critical eye of the designer. The collection will spruce up your home with its beauty and will add a touch of exoticness to any space. It includes brilliantly engraved patterns with clean finishes. The silver collection comprises of  statement coffee tables, single seater & double seater sofas, side tables to name a few.

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