Asahi Launched AIS Renew

Sep 28, 2017

AIS Renew is a retrofitting solution, specially designed to give old buildings a new life. This unique solution is attached on top of an existing glass window to convert it into an energy-saving insulated glass it enhances the living conditions in buildings without disrupting their regular operations. Built with a Low-E interlayer, its performance is equivalent to that of an insulated glazed unit. This makes the glass reflect the sun’s heat away from the building and keeps the interiors cool. This helps in reducing the usage of air-conditioning, therefore conserving electricity. AIS Retrofitting solution is highly energy efficient and provides benefits such as heat shielding, glare reduction, thermal and sound insulation and also protects from UV rays at a lesser cost than traditionally deglazing and re-glazing solutions. AIS Renew – retrofit solutions can be used in the following structures to make the building energy efficient- corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, banks, food chains, car showrooms and shopping malls.

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