Asian Paints Unveils The Much Anticipated ‘ColourNext 2017’ Trends!

Mar 02, 2017

ColourNext, Asian Paints’ releases its 14th edition of annual colour & décor trends forecast this year. These significant discoveries are the result of a year-round scientific study, carried out by an expert panel of India’s top designers, architects, noted sociologists and advertising professionals.

They have studied the socio-economic and political environment, articulated, and visually-mapped the emerging patterns to arrive at four trends that will lead design this year: Local Pride, Bot Is Human, Elixir and Slow Living. Along with these themes, they are introducing a beautiful new shade, ‘Intense Ocean,’ as the colour that represents the mood of the year to come, the Colour of 2017.

This year’s Colour of the Year, Intense Ocean, is inspired by the duality of this enigmatic force of nature. Its ferocity and calmness, strength, and fragility. Intense Ocean is a wonderful blend of grey (representing detachment and composure), blue (representing depth and wisdom), and green (representing stability and endurance). 

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