Asian Paints launch DIY Wall Art Kit – Handmade by You

Dec 18, 2017

So you think painting is best left to artists? Remember you were painters once, a long, long time ago.You used to handle crayons with confidence and paint walls red,blue and green. Or yellow, black and pink. Colour- the Asian Paints Experience Centre has now come out with a DIY wall art kit.

This gives you an opportunity to reclaim the lost artist in you.Imagine you can once again get your hands dirty and paint designs

of your choice on to the walls.Without the worry that they’ll create a mess.Asian paints DIY kit makes the toughest part of the job easy by turning yourdesign into easy to paint manageable bits.Yes you will paint with confidence and once again the wall will become a conversation piece.

Your house will look unlike any other,the wall stamped with your own unique creation.Handmade with pride, by you.

The kit can be bought online

You can also buy it from Asian Paints Colour Store, Bandra.

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