BMW Unveils The Interior Design Of Futuristic Self-Driving Cars

Jan 06, 2017

For so many years, the automotive industry focused on the technical aspects of autonomous vehicles. Self-driving technology can easily be deemed the future. However, BMW decided to unveil what the aesthetics might look like with self-driving cars rather than the autonomous technology itself.

BMW debuted the Inside Future concept at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. While most traditional concept cars have full hoods and exteriors, the BMW body lacks most of the structure. And for good reason, as BMW designers clearly wanted to show off a unique and fresh new interior concept.

The cabin has four wide comfortable seats, with a throw pillow on one row and a small bookshelf between the front and back rows. Despite the rather cozy feel, the cabin maintains an open and airy design.

BMW would also include HoloActive technology when the car projects a 3-D image onto the console.

However, BMW understands this “holy grail” of self-driving cars will be hard to reach.

“How do we replace the human brain’s recognition and decision making with an intelligent system?” Frolich said.

Despite those problems, the future of autonomous driving certainly looks comfortable.

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