Baaya Design presents furniture pieces in rich indigo hues

Jan 08, 2018

This New Year, Baaya Design brings back rich indigo hues through statement furniture pieces. The PLUSH PATTERNS range is back with subtle floral details to elevate your style. Accessorize these with cozy woolen throws for a perfect winter evening to curl up with a hot cuppa. Baaya Design guarantees that this pouf will serve as the perfect pick me up in your living room on a grey winter evening. 

Price range: Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 25,000

Baaya Design also presents Brass Aroma diffusers polished to a velvet matte smoothness come in various designs from floral to mughal patterns. You can use dhoop or aroma oil, even scented candles to set the tone for an evening wind-down session with your loved ones. Let decadence back into your in 2018 with Baaya Design. 

About Baaya Design:

‘Baaya’ in a local Indian language refers to the weaver bird that weaves its nest in a rather unique way. The store brings you the best in Indian Tribal art and craft which combines paintings with textiles and other craft forms to make each piece unique. Baaya Design aims to showcase the natural beauty and workmanship in Tribal Art by presenting them in contemporary colors, style and form.  By doing so, it offers original art that all of us can relate to. And with every painting that is purchased, you can bring income to a highly deserving individual – the artisan of India. The store provides customized design and implementation of traditional murals for interior and exteriors of homes and corporate offices.

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