Be A Smart Chef Even On The Go

Feb 13, 2018

Kent once again welcomes you to the world of smart chef appliance and this time with KENT’s revolutionary “personal rice cooker”. Preparing fresh, hygienic and nutritious homemade meals can’t get easier whether you want to enjoy one in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

The ideal automatic solution for bachelors, office goers and travellers KENT personal rice cooker allows one to prepare perfectly cooked and “HOT”meals within minutes and one touch button. This innovative and smart device makes it effortless to make rice and biryani while maintaining freshness, flavour and nutrient value in every bowl of rice. The compact and portable design of the appliance not only makes its must have for all kitchens but it is also an ideal option for an avid traveller, students and bachelors as it keeps them close to home food! Additionally the design also makes it is easy to handle, store and clean. Besides due to its modern appearance it can be used even on dining table.

Adding to its compact quality is that it facilitates oil free cooking which boosts its competency. With the non-stick surface, you can make biryani without using oil, thus you serve with satisfaction by ensuring health for you and your family. Another defining characteristic of KENT Personal Rice Cooker is the advanced induction heating. With this function you get the benefit of indulging in evenly cooked rice every time.

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